The Witsec Mafia – Long Version by John A. Gotti PART 2

THE WITSEC MAFIA also included a bank robber by the name of Robert Dussault, connected to the Patriarca family in New England. He took part in the infamous Bonded Vault Heist in Rhode Island in 1975. The robbery of an alleged “mob bank,” a storage house with a secret room containing, according to some reports, 146 large safe deposit boxes filled with an estimated $30-32 million dollars in cash and valuables – in 1975 money.

Dussault ended up with a contract on his life and entered Witness Protection. He testified against his cohorts in the robbery, and, to educate them, gave lectures as a “mob expert” to the cops. The only problem? He continued robbing banks and businesses in Witness Protection.

When I began speaking to Jimmy Alite in 2015 he described how his brother was committing new crimes but felt “untouchable” because he had the protection of his government handlers, which sounded similar to what Sammy Gravano said in an interview with the Arizona Republic in July, 1999. The paper reported that: “There’s no real worry about getting whacked, Gravano says, because he’s become pals with FBI agents and U.S. marshals. They drop by on vacations to Arizona. He talks to their wives by phone.”

A reason why the Phoenix cops who arrested him did not tip off the FBI to their investigation. Sgt. Jim Cope would later say, “We were walking on eggshells, we didn’t want a lot of people to know about the case. Gravano had just left the Witness Protection Program and you know, we knew that he had ongoing relations with the FBI.” Who had no interest in being embarrassed by him getting arrestedfor drug trafficking after they got him a pass for 19 murders. Especially since it was believed there were other murders he did not admit because he might not have received absolution for them, including the murder of a cop.

After I released Shadow of My Father, when people would tell me what Alite was saying on the internet, I didn’t want to hear about it. Perhaps it was hard for them to understand, but they didn’t know John Alite like I did. He was a nobody, not the infamous, multi-millionaire hitman he claims he was.

John Alite was a lowlife cokehead who outlived his usefulness. To control the gutters you have to employ people from the gutter. By the time I chased him in 1991 he was a dime a dozen, not some highly efficient, extremely capable, money making street guy. In my former existence we held people such as that near and dear. If you brought in cash, or you could do “work,” you were a prize. But, if you could do both, like he claims he could, at the level he says he did? Well, you definitely wouldn’t get chased.

John Alite was an outsider who was expendable as well as a person of very poor moral fiber. When he was permitted to fly our flag he received respect from the streets. When he was ostracized and chased the real street guys showed him the little respect he deserved: That of a low level drug dealer who would pay others (mostly kids) to do his dirty work.

One of these individuals who immediately stopped showing Alite “respect” was Vito Guzzo, who was accused of being the leader of the Giannini crew, who we’ll come back to.

After Sammy Gravano became a government cooperator in November, 1991 deceased Bergin crew member Tony Pepp Trentacosta came to me saying a high ranking police source that he had cultivated told him Alite was a confidential informant (CI). I told Tony to get more information to corroborate that, as I would never label someone a rat without being sure, and I also didn’t want to fuel the fears that people were having after Gravano turned, thinking if he could, anyone could. When Gravano flipped he created a paranoia. As for Alite: It was a serious accusation, and he had children. I didn’t want to see them fatherless.

But, I was chasing him anyway. He was dealing drugs against my orders, even telling people he was dealing drugs and robbing drug dealers on my behalf. Flying the Gotti flag as he screwed up all over the place. He didn’t leave my crew and I a choice, we had to wash our hands of him. Just to be clear: In 1989 when I was a soldier Alite answered directly to me. By 1991, Alite was answering to somebody who was answering to somebody. A soldier in my crew, who answered to the acting captain of my crew. On the influence of those individuals, who had enough of him as well, just like anyone else who carried any weight and had the unfortunate luck of dealing with him, my mind was made up on John Alite.

At my trial numerous witnesses confirmed Alite was chased, including defense witness Joe O’Kane, a former partner of Alite’s in the drug business who confirmed to me in November, 1991 that Alite was dealing drugs against my orders. Former Gambino captain turned informant “Mikey Scars” DiLeonardo was also quoted saying Alite was “chased” in the notes taken from a June 3, 2004 FBI debriefing with Agent Bill Heckle:

Those notes were used to impeach Alite at my trial as well as a letter he wrote me in 1993. He wasn’t allowed to come around, so, he would have his girlfriend’s brother drop them off by my club, the Our Friends Social Club. Father’s Day cards, birthday cards, the works. Trying to manipulate the situation and earn forgiveness so he could come back around the neighborhood without having to do so on the sneak.

“The Dumbest Letter Writer (Government Witness): John Alite for the one he wrote to Junior Gotti on yellow legal paper back in 1993 that he ended with, “I miss ya! I’ll always keep writing, I hope you at least read these before you throw them out.” The letter, which also told how he was earning money working construction, showed that contrary to his trial testimony, Alite was not flushed with cash, and at the time, was trying to ingratiate himself with Gotti, not the opposite.”Jerry Capeci, 12/31/2009

While I had instructed Tony Pepp to get more information about his cooperation, at the time, I figured chasing him was enough. The streets would be barred from doing business with him. He was being ostracized, and anyone who associated with him did so at their own peril.

I called Alite down to my social club and told him I heard he was dealing drugs, and there were people out there putting a wire on him, accusing him of being a rat. He cried and denied it. I slapped him and told him that if he came back around he was getting killed. He left that night crying.

Shortly after, his brother Jimmy came down to ask me not to kill him. He said John couldn’t sleep and was petrified. I told him not to worry, I just didn’t want anything to do with him, and that was the last time I saw or heard from Jimmy until he reached out in 2014, 23 years later.

However, after I chased his brother out of Queens, he tried to plant himself in the South Jersey-Philadelphia area. I was then told by Robert Bisaccia, a now deceased Gambino captain who was based in New Jersey that he was told by Joe “Scoops” Licata, who was alleged by law enforcement to have been a high ranking street guy in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area that an individual popped up there named “Johnny Aletto.” He was telling people he was with the Gottis. I passed word back that his real name was Alite and had been chased. The street guys in Jersey and Philly got the word out, and soon after Alite was chased out of there also. He weaseled his way down to Tampa, Florida where nobody knew him and nobody important was operating.

Note: Part of the discovery material in my case also included 302-memos of the FBI’s debriefings with numerous witnesses. In an October, 1993 FBI-302 report from their Tampa office, an individual named Terry Lynn Scaglione was recorded saying that Alite had told him “that he was originally from Queens, New York, and that he used to hang out with JOHN GOTTI, JR., but that they had a serious falling out when GOTTI’s father was convicted and sent to federal prison.”

My father went to prison in December, 1990 and was convicted in April, 1992.

Transcripts of phone interviews between John Alite and private investigator Larry Frost from August–October, 2006 made by calls from Alite’s cell phone while he was in prison in Brazil back to New York were entered into the evidence and Alite acknowledged on the stand that they were accurate. In one exchange, Alite told Frost:

Alite: “I’m no longer coming around anymore… Around ’94 I’d sneak in and out of the neighborhood… I got two kids in Howard Beach…”

Frost: “Right.”

Alite: “So when I’m coming in, I’m sneaking in. I’m… paranoid to get stopped at the light and maybe somebody taking a shot at me.”

Frost: “Yeah, right.”

In a later statement from the Tampa FBI’s interviews with Scaglione, made sometime in April of 1996, Scaglione was recorded saying that John Alite told him he was allowed to go back into New York City.

I had sent word through his girlfriend Claudia’s brother, who was a local street guy, permitting him to come back in and see the kids. By now he had four children with two different women, two with Claudia and two from his ex-wife Carol.

After my father was arrested in 1990 up until I was arrested in 1998 I became the most surveilled man in the country. I had five agencies watching me around the clock: The New York City FBI, New Rochelle FBI, the Organized Crime Task Force, and the Brooklyn and Queens District Attorney’s Offices. They captured me on surveillance with hundreds of people. Yet the one person who never shows up in a picture, video or wiretap with me after November, 1991 through 1998: John Alite. He was nowhere to be found. He had been chased.

Chased for being a garbage pail.

For months my son told me that Jimmy Alite kept texting him, saying he had information on his brother’s activities and wanted to speak. That he wanted to expose his lies even, but I could have cared less. After hearing that Alite was messaging threats to my nephew, sister and others on the internet though, I decided to take his call.

I’m not computer literate. I’m a dinosaur, an old school, in your face kind of guy who doesn’t go on Facebook, and while I have an Instagram, someone else runs it, and the information here of Alite acting like an animal on social media was gathered by other people, namely Chris Kasparoza. Starting in 2015 when against my wishes, people kept coming to me with screenshots of what Alite was saying on the computer. This “changed man” even messaged my nephew Frankie, the son of my sister Angel, that March 28th saying: “I’m in Howard Beach every day if your daddy ever grows balls come see me.” He threatened to “embarrass” his mother.

John Alite and George Anastasia claim that Alite didn’t become a cooperator until 2007, several months after he was extradited from a prison in Brazil, after he learned that his “bosses” in the Gambino family “ratted” him out first. The two most prominent names Alite brings up when alleging who his “bosses” were are myself and an individual name Ronnie Trucchio. Yet when he was openly challenged to provide proof – just one document – proving that we “ratted” him out, he could not provide any.

What nonsense. Ronnie Trucchio is currently serving a life sentence plus 20 years. I fought five trials in under four years, three of them just before March, 2007 when Alite claims he flipped and two after. One of which he was the star witness at where he tried to get me convicted of three murders. When he got me indicted on that case I was facing the death penalty.

John Alite was a longtime confidential informant whose deal was that he would never have to testify and publicly be known as a rat.

He admitted at my trial that he was having clandestine meetings with FBI Agents throughout the 1990s, agreeing to provide information on myself and others as long as he didn’t have to testify. Even that he was so close to one of them, Agent Jason Randazzo, that Randazzo invited Alite to live at his house when Alite thought he was going to be killed. He also said he told Randazzo that he thought myself and my former brother in law Carmine Agnello were plotting to kill him, this in about 1994 or ‘95. However, when my attorneys asked the government for notes of their meetings with Alite in the 1990s they said they didn’t have any, which, is ridiculous. The government accused me of being the acting boss of the Gambino family in 1994-95, but, a witness said he told the FBI that the “acting boss” was plotting to kill him, and they didn’t memorialize it?

At my trial, John Alite also acknowledged that he told FBI Agents in 1999 that he would provide information about Joe O’Kane and Vito Guzzo “trying to kill” him, but, that he wouldn’t testify. Not publicly, anyway. What Alite did was testify at a closed door May, 1999 grand jury which helped get Joe O’Kane indicted the next month, and eventually sentenced to life in prison.

As for Vito Guzzo? After Alite was chased in 1991, and no longer under our protection, Guzzo went looking for him. Another reason why Alite was scared to come around. Vito Guzzo would later plead guilty to five murders.

Who were the Giannini crew?

“The gas feels cold.” Those were the last words spoken by John “Johnny Boy” Ruisi as he was doused with gasoline, then set on fire and burned alive in his Nissan Pathfinder. Ruisi should have been dead from the bullet in his head but he survived long enough to feel the chill of the gasoline splashed on his body, and then the burst of flames that slowly burned him until he could feel nothing. Ruisi and his friend Steven “Stevey Love” Pagnozzi, both in their early 20s had made the mistake of showing up when called to a meeting at a social club in Ridgewood, Queens, controlled by members of the Giannini crew.

Several members of this gang eventually became cooperators, and later hooked back up in Florida, after their release from prison, to commit new crimes together which will be detailed further in a separate chapter.

While researching my memoir, Shadow of My Father, I interviewed two retired federal agents, asking about the process of memorializing interviews with informants. Dan Vogel is a retired FBI Agent and Jerry Laveroni, retired DEA. Both stated that the standard operating procedure for meeting with an informant, known criminal or any character of note would be to memorialize the meeting in writing. Because, what happened if you ended up caught on surveillance with them, but didn’t memorialize it? The agents watching might think you were corrupt.

“It is absolutely imperative,” Vogel said, “particularly if the source is an organized crime figure.”

I believe the notes of Alite’s meetings with FBI Agents in the 1990s were destroyed when they learned Alite took part in the 1996 John Gebert murder while a confidential informant which would have ruined his credibility as a trial witness.

Not to mention, that it would have presented a scandal similar to Whitey Bulger in Boston and Greg Scarpa in Brooklyn, two longtime informants who committed dozens of murders while under the protection of rogue FBI Agents. Scarpa, a member of the Colombo family initiated so many homicides that he was known as “The Grim Reaper.”

These rogue government agents who protected Scarpa and Bulger essentially facilitated their criminal operations.

In Part 1 of this series we spoke of Operation Black Widow, an investigation into the Nuestra Familia. In December, 2000, Danny Hernandez was released from a California state prison and emerged as not just a paid FBI informant to bring down his gang, but, one who took over their operations on the street. He was in charge of the entire syndicate on the streets of Northern California. In the ensuing months, however, according to reports he began running unauthorized drug and weapons deals, placing unmonitored phone calls, taking unapproved trips out of town and ordered assaults and extortions. According to informants, he even approved a murder, and defense attorneys argued that by turning the street leader of a major criminal organization into a cooperator, they essentially took over the organization. In a September, 2002 motion to dismiss an indictment of alleged Nuestra Familia members and associates due to these alleged egregious acts, attorney Marc J. Zilversmit concluded with:

“In this undercover operation, the government plunged headlong into the business of running the street operations for an alleged notoriously violent prison gang. The government set up their informant as street liaison commander of the NF, and helped him solidify his control of the street operations of the gang by fostering dissension among alleged NF leadership, overriding orders of alleged NF leaders, setting up its own structure of the government-commandeered enterprise among alleged NF members on the streets, and interfering with the investigations of previously indicted defendants.

Pretending to be violent gang leaders and associates, the government through its informant and agents supervised the drug trade for northern Hispanic gang members, directed the deliveries of firearms and drugs, approved of plans to commit home invasion robberies, passed on authorizations for violence against out-of-favor former gang members, encouraged violence to protect the gangs interests, and eventually failed to prevent the killing of Raymond Sanchez and wounding of Joseph Cantu. Few undercover operations have involved themselves so thoroughly in running and directing the activities of an alleged violent and notorious criminal enterprise; few undercover operations have felt comfortable placing themselves in the upper echelons of such an organization; few have done so in so careless a manner.

As with the undercover intelligence officer who assumed the role of chief Nazi propaganda officer in Mother Night, the government has not been careful about what it has pretended to be. While professing to be an investigative enterprise, the government and its informant in this case supervised and directed gun and drug deals, spouted inflammatory propaganda, passed on orders for violence, approved of home invasion robberies, and ultimately contributed through encouragement or negligence to the death of Raymond Sanchez and wounding of Joseph Cantu. This Court cannot shirk the responsibility to step in and reprimand this stark example of overzealous law enforcement, and government manufactured criminality, in order to enforce the principles of due process and effective assistance of counsel. This Court must dismiss the Indictment, or at minimum dismiss the charges and acts manufactured by the government during the time in which it directed the street operations of the alleged notorious and violent gang it seeks to prosecute.”

Just before my trial began, my defense was provided with an FBI-302 memo written by Ted Otto on 8/17/2009 stating that Alite said “Tony Pepp” Trentacosta received information from a police source that Alite was an informant “in approximately 1990.” A stunning admission because Alite agreed to testify over two years earlier and there’s no excuse why something that significant was not in the memos of his earlier debriefings. Leading me to believe that Otto threw it in at the last minute when it was clear I was not taking a plea but instead going to trial where I would expose Alite’s history as a confidential informant.

It’s believed that Alite was alerted in early 2003 that if he didn’t testify he would be indicted for a series of crimes and be outed as a longtime confidential informant, similar to Willy Boy Johnson. One of my father’s closest friends from the time they were teenagers, he was like an uncle to me, and a highly respected member of the Bergin crew. He was feared. But, he also turned out to have been providing information on my father and the Bergin crew from 1966-85. When he refused to testify, he was outed in open court by prosecutor Diane Giacalone. Several years later, he was killed.

In response to his own predicament, John Alite fled the country. He couldn’t take the heat, and abandoned his children. But, while Anastasia said in his book and appearances that while on the run Alite went in and out of “a dozen different countries,” in his appearances, Alite has gone as high as “dozens of countries.” Meanwhile, he only said he went to five countries during the Carneglia trial, and under direct testimony at mine, he said “About 15 different countries.” Then, under cross-examination: “I went to 20 countries.”

“His testimony was consistent over two trials.”

–George Anastasia

He wrote in their book that Alite used a series of fake passports while “on the run,” living under fake names and bouncing in and out of Cuba to cover his tracks and dodge Interpol, but, the truth is Alite was living under his own name. Using his own passport. He even testified that Interpol found him because he used the same internet cafe for ten months in a row to email people back home.

Indicted in Tampa in August, 2004, Alite was arrested by Interpol in Brazil that November and held in Brazilian prisons until he was extradited back to the U.S. in December, 2006.

But, while he says that he was fighting extradition, and living in squalid prisons on par with “concentration camps” where he was getting into underground, gladiator-style cage fights, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Jimmy Alite and other sources stated that his brother was having people send him money in the prison. Jimmy said his relatives and he himself sent him money. To buy food, prostitutes, a TV and video games, and was all together living a pretty decent life. He was even calling back home daily, sometimes multiple times a day from his personal cell phone.

One person also said on television about Alite that, “When he went on the run, uh, when he became a fugitive, uh, and he was in South America, he called me many times, asking for advice. I’d like to think and I think John would tell you that I helped save his life.”

That was Special Agent Dave Gentile.

What kind of street guy goes on the run and calls an FBI Agent asking for advice? One who’s a cooperator. George Anastasia wrote in his book that Alite met Gentile around 2002, but, Alite testified at my trial that he met him in “’99 or 2000.”

In unguarded moments, however, Alite said during a 2015 presentation that he’d known Gentile for 20 years, and in a later television interview he said that he met Gentile during “the early ‘90s.” According to his website, Gentile retired from the FBI in 2003. Apparently, Alite was trying to get him, as a middle man, to get the government to squash his indictment, as he’d been a longtime informant. Meanwhile: Gentile was trying to get Alite to come back and testify on Special Agent Ted Otto’s instructions, leading to the fraud today.

The connections between Gentile and Anastasia run deep.

John Alite said of Gentile in one interview: “Well Dave definitely has a huge effect on my life, still does. He’s a… serious mentor to me. He keeps my head straight. He uh, constantly lectures me about, you know, what to do in certain situations. He helps me to get involved with his company, Protocol again. And uh, he keeps me on the right path. And, kind of uh, like an older brother, like I said, or even a father figure. I mean I’m close to the same age, but that’s who I perceive him as when I, when I talk to him. Somebody that I fully respect.” 

Which is strikingly similar to what former Philadelphia mobster turned informant Nicky “The Crow” Caramandi said of Gentile when he was interviewed by Time Magazine, before a book about his life, written by George Anastasia was published in 1991. When asked who he trusted, Caramandi said: “I trust Dave Gentile. He’s an FBI agent from Philadelphia who helped me a lot mentally when I was falling apart. There were times I wanted to take pills and just forget about it. He spent a lot of time with me and encouraged me. I thought the other law-enforcement guys were conning me, but he believed in me. He’s given me the confidence to do things that I’m afraid of. To me, he’s my best friend in the world. I owe my life to him.”

On the same Pennsylvania TV show where Gentile praised John Alite as a changed man, Gentile affirmed that he and his good friend Anastasia had “a longstanding relationship… he is an honorable man.” Gentile also said that he helped Anastasia with “the formation” of his first book, about Caramandi, helping him get into his literary career… and, that he and Anastasia “met many times” while he was writing it, “providing the background and the substantive aspects that went into the formation of that book.”

In addition: Gentile said, “It’s funny how things become cyclical. George and I had much to do with the reformation of another individual… John Alite.”

Reformation? When Anastasia went on the same show, he referred to Gentile as a “very good guy… Dave was a guy who I could always give a call to and say, you know, here’s what I’m hearing, what do you think, and, and he would be hon— all I wanted was be honest.”

After John Alite was extradited from Brazil and while you were hard at work the U.S. government spent approximately $50,000 on dental work for him to look good on the witness stand, which, wasn’t the first time the Witness Program paid for an operation. In the 2002 book WITSEC: Inside the Federal Witness Protection Program, co-written by Gerald Shur, the Program’s founder, former U.S. Marshal Donald McPherson described how tax dollars paid for the breast implants of the wife of another star witness, Jimmy Fratianno, who testified that he was the acting boss of the Los Angeles family. McPherson said, “He was an expert at manipulating the system… he made more money milking WITSEC than he ever did committing crimes.” Which you might find familiar when reading how John Alite, who drives a convertible, owns multiple homes and is a partner in a pizzeria is receiving disability and food stamps.

Or about how criminal witnesses, when relocated to new towns with new names and social security numbers have many times ran up new credit lines and maxed out their borrowing limits with unsuspecting lenders. Apparently, in the old days it was a common scam for these witnesses to then call their FBI handlers or the Marshals service to tell them that they were “spotted” by someone from their past. That they were in fear for their lives. The Marshals would then immediately send a crew to the witness’ location to protect them, pack up their belongings and move them to a new town, costing taxpayers untold amounts of dollars. Where after being given a new name and social security number, the old lender would have no idea what happened to them and were left holding the bag as the witness fleeced a new unsuspecting lender with no knowledge of their past or credit history. Over the years, scams like this have amounted in the millions of dollars.

It was mentioned in Part 1 of this report that one group having their way on the government’s dime were cooperators from the El Rukns, a powerful Chicago street gang. In 1993 the L.A. Times reported that “a federal witness… Harry (Brock) Martin, claimed that two assistant prosecutors were aware of complaints that other witnesses had smuggled cocaine into their prison cells and that sometimes they had sex with wives and girlfriends inside the U.S. attorney’s office in downtown Chicago.”

George Anastasia is a longtime writer for a website run by Jerry Capeci, who Anastasia describes in interviews as “his good friend” and in his book as “the dean of mob reporters in America.” In a 2015 speech at The Mob Museum Alite referred to Capeci as “the dean of organized crime, he understands everything in and out.” Something I find fascinating because Capeci attended my trial and wrote what “Gang Land and at least half of the New Yorkers on the jury – and by some accounts all of them – saw at trial. That is, the too good to be true testimony of John Alite, an admitted drug-dealing killer whose accounts of decades-old murder and mayhem were contradicted at almost every turn.  

Again and again, Alite adopted the “he told me to do it” response used so often by turncoats these days. Government witnesses employ it to deflect particularly vicious and senseless crimes they commit away from them and onto the shoulders of the defendant. 

“The whole jury agreed he was the least credible witness,” said one juror, a software manager, who told reporters outside the courthouse that Alite (right) seemed too anxious to pin everything he could on Gotti. “That was unanimous.” 

“He just wasn’t credible,” said a second juror, a real estate lawyer. “He would tell a story that would be 98 per cent accurate … and then said, ‘John told me to do it.’” 

Jerry Capeci published that on December 3rd, 2009.

Yet after Alite’s book came out, Capeci still let Anastasia publish columns on his website promoting the lies in it and didn’t challenge them.

That’s the thing with these “mob writers.” Most of them, anyway. Portions of if not most of their books are fictionalized and they hardly ever call each other out on it because they’re all in on the scheme together. But, after hearing about how so many blogs and “podcasts” were giving Alite free rein to spew his “changed man” routine while he was threatening and defaming people right and left on the internet, I began thinking in March, 2015 that maybe I should support a website exposing the truth about these cooperators who claim to be “changed men.”

My sister Angel put me in touch with Chris Kasparoza, who’d read both my book and Alite’s, and that February, after questioning Alite about some of his tall tales on Facebook, Alite ended up messaging him, trying to intimidate him to shut him up. He even asked Chris for his “address.” When that didn’t work, however, he lied on a podcast that Chris was “molested” by his father.

Around a year later in April, 2016, John Alite, who likes to act like the past didn’t happen challenged me to a boxing match for charity. He wrote online that I should “stop the girl talk and step in the ring,” implying that the proceeds would go to a (fake) charity he was setting up. He also said that if I wouldn’t fight him, he’d fight Kasparoza instead.

When word got back to me I told Kasparoza to send him the following message: “John Gotti wouldn’t wipe his ass with you. You had your chance to be tough 25 years ago when he slapped you and chased your crying ass out of Queens. He would never lower himself and make you more than the dog that you are. You’d blow a horse if it got someone to pay attention to you.”

How did Alite respond?

One minute after receiving Kasparoza’s email, he wrote back, to the same guy he said he would fight: “Don’t text me personally ever again this message will be turned over .”

To who? The FBI?

Wherever he was going with that, to our surprise, on a podcast two weeks later motivational speaker John Alite confirmed: “I said, I said – Bring me the horse, because I’ll suck the horse’s cock to get him back in the ring with me. That’s what I said. I says, so, if you’ve got the horse, bring him over to me.”

After meeting Kasparoza I invited him to my office to look through my archives. To ask me any question, no holds barred. He reviewed the same transcripts of Alite’s testimony that Anastasia claimed he read. The court documents he claimed he reviewed. And, he was stunned: “I knew there were lies and exaggerations in the book, but I didn’t know how crazy they were. I didn’t understand how many there were. And, frankly, I didn’t understand how truly sick he was. The biggest surprise though was that Anastasia actually put his name on it.”

In time, Kasparoza would build, exposing hundreds of Alite’s lies and egregious acts, old and new.

One of Alite’s principal supporters, however, was a George Catalano. One of Alite’s lifelong friends. He backed up his lies on Facebook after his book came out and hurled vile insults alongside him. He also posted pictures with Alite, claiming that they were going to meetings to shop a “movie/ tv show.”

So, I showed Chris what Alite said about Catalano from prison in Brazil to Larry Frost who was debriefing him over the phone. Alite, who thought Catalano might be a prosecution witness, went on to say this about George Catalano and his brother Mike: “He killed a girl. He chopped her up and put her in a refrigerator. Now, his brother, George Catalano was involved or he knows about it.”

Which doesn’t mean it’s true. Under cross examination, Alite admitted that he lied about his lifelong, childhood friends being racists and committing rapes to discredit them… to his own lawyer. Who does that?

George Catalano is a burgeoning film producer. This year, a source provided us with a copy of the contract he signed on 2/3/17 giving him the rights to Alite’s story. I hope whoever they shop it to checks out Catalano’s Facebook, including a post he wrote on 3/17/16 saying: “this is the mentality of black people… non educated ghetto thinking, stupidly at its finest !!”

Jimmy Alite, who signed an affidavit and passed a lie detector test when I started interviewing him for Witsec Mafia described how his brother was committing crimes daily with numerous witnesses in violation of his supervised release. He also discussed how he would demean his son Jimmy frequently, calling him “a nigger.” This was confirmed by another family member who offered to be interviewed, reaching out to us first, not the other way around.

In their book, Anastasia wrote that in the old days circa 1991 John Alite “would often berate and belittle African Americans, referring to them as lowlifes. A common insult was to tell someone he was “acting like a nigger.” Similar to what John Alite said in a 2015 interview when describing how he speaks to kids: “I talk straight, real. Uh, you know, I use the word, uh, nigger that people don’t like. And I don’t mean it in a, in a disrespectful way to blacks, to whites. I use it as an individual word. You know I’ll tell somebody meaning they’re a lowlife.”

Showing that he still hasn’t changed, on Facebook on October 2nd John Alite referred to the football players not standing for the national anthem as “ignorant NIGGAS.”

Jimmy Alite would tell me that his brother was running construction scams with DeCavalcante family turncoat Sean Richard, who specialized in bid rigging and construction fraud when he was on the streets and married to the daughter of John Riggi, who was convicted of being the DeCavalcante boss. In 2003, the Village Voice reported that Richard was caught on a wiretap saying about an African American walking in front of his car: “It is a green fucking light, you fag mother fucking nigger. These niggers think that cars won’t hurt them… Fucking nigger, cocksuckers. I hate them.”

The New York Times also reported that Sean Richard used heroin and entered witness protection in 2000 with a stripper, abandoning his wife and kids, similar to how Alite abandoned his family when he fled the country in 2003.

However, Jimmy Alite also said that his brother was not only scamming with Richard, but that they were living next door to each other in attached townhouses. That they were together daily.

After the shorter version of this story was published in Men’s Journal, Kasparoza was contacted by Sean Richard – who now goes by a different name, which we’re withholding – via email. To be fair, we offer his side of the story, with selected excerpts from the exchange, where he said that he: “employed John alite for a little over a year in my construction company. There were no scams I assure you all jobs were done to customer satisfaction…  I married into that life and have been running from it for 20 years . I have been a model citizen for the last 19 years although not perfect I still make mistakes everyday … The only thing good about living in Jersey again it was  wonderful to see my mom and kids… getting involved with john was a huge mistake for my life . it left me in debt… and made life a nightmare.”

Aside from Sean Richard, Jimmy Alite also described how his brother was running construction scams with former Genovese associate turned informant “Johnny Balls” Leto, a murderous drug dealer before he flipped. In a 2016 Jerry Capeci interview, John Alite, who was on supervised release acknowledged that he worked with Leto and even said that his parole officer gave him permission to do so. That he worked as Leto’s security on his job sites as he was scared of running into people from his past, getting hurt, and that Leto had even found a dead rat on his porch.

However, upon further investigation, two sources alleged that Alite actually tried to scare Leto into hiring him. That it was John Alite who placed the dead rat on his doorstep.

Jimmy Alite said he was in on the scams with them, listed the “jobs” they worked on and said his brother cut him out and owed him money. He later sued for his end and stated that he was supposed to get 50% of whatever money John made off his book and media appearances, saying that he helped craft his strategy of returning to society as a “changed man” while he was in protective custody. However, Jimmy stated that he was sincere in this effort, that he wanted his brother to go out and help at risk youth to give back to society, while his brother could have cared less and manipulated the situation for his own benefit.

In his lawsuit, and interviews, Jimmy said he tried to put together book and media deals for his brother, but, they didn’t pan out. After John hooked up with Anastasia, however, he pushed Jimmy aside. Jimmy said they had a falling out in late 2014 after he realized how crazy the lies in his brother’s book were getting, among other reasons, like how he had a problem with John using what was in the first draft of his book, which he wrote with his cellmate in protective custody. The cellmate was an accused pedophile.

Fun Fact: Sammy Gravano testified at my father’s trial that he wasn’t planning on writing a book and wasn’t allowed to write one because he was in Witness Protection. Similar to John Alite who testified the same. However: Alite was recorded on prison phones with his brother discussing a book, and just like Gravano, went on to write one. There are so many similarities between them confirming that John Alite studied Sammy Gravano’s playbook.

Jimmy Alite stated that his brother, who a judge ordered to get therapy, in violation of his supervised release was abusing illegal, mind-altering steroids and hanging out with Patsy Andriano and Mike Malone, two of the cooperators he committed the 1996 Gebert murder with – when he was in his 30s, and they were teenagers.

Jimmy also stated that his brother was associating with a variety of other cooperators and disgraced ex-cop Steve Sergio, who was thrown off the force. Jimmy Alite said that these cooperators were brought together by their handlers, and that his brother was even hanging out with retired and active FBI Agents who he would go out “drinking” and hunting for girls with. Jimmy said he was at meetings with Gentile and cold case Detective Steve Kaplan. He also alleged that his brother had agents passing him confidential documents.

Specifically: Jimmy told a story that shortly before his book came out, Alite got cold feet. It’s a long story – one which will be detailed more in the book – but in short, he came to Jimmy one night crying, saying he wanted out of the book project because no one would believe it and he’d be a laughing stock. Jimmy comforted his younger brother, telling him he’d contact Anastasia and say it was canceled.

When: John Alite told Jimmy that he couldn’t contact Anastasia, because he’d already badmouthed and told lies about him to Anastasia.

Soon after, Jimmy said that his brother was called to a meeting in Manhattan with one of his handlers, believed to be Ted Otto, and former Gambino captain turned snitch Mikey Scars DiLeonardo. Jimmy said that when his brother came back, he was all gung ho about the book again, and soon after started waving around a confidential, Ted Otto-created FBI-302 memo which included tremendously inaccurate information about myself in it.

A little about the 302 process:

During an April, 2015 appearance on The Rick Sanchez Show in Tampa, Chris Kasparoza called in to challenge John Alite, who was telling stories on the radio. Specifically, Chris asked him about a shoot-out that Alite alleged he took part in at his New Jersey home sometime between 1990-92. About how many people Alite said he killed during it, as Alite had given contradictory accounts.

In an 8/17/2009 FBI-302 report, John Alite was recorded saying that he “thought he shot two of the four intruders, possibly injuring them seriously.”

In his book Alite said that he was positive he shot at least two of the men before they ran off his property, but the following morning he looked around and didn’t find any bodies. Just lots of blood.

However, in a 2015 documentary, Alite said: “I believe, uh, severely wounded three of ’em… Well, for sure I had one, down, and uh, I uh, I killed him. I shot him, I had him on the floor and I, I finished him.”

Not only did Jimmy Alite say this never happened, as he would have heard about it and would have been the first one to run to his brother’s aide, but he also said he spoke to a Dino who lived on the property with his brother at the time and he knew nothing of it also. Plus, John Alite, in his book, placed himself at a sit down in 1990 at the Ravenite social club after this “shoot out” with my father and Tommy Pitera, an accused member of the Bonanno family. Yet none of the high level defectors from the Bonanno and Gambino families who would have been at this meeting or known about it, like Sammy Gravano, Frank Lino and Sal Vitale ever mentioned it in their debriefings or testimony.

Also: The Ravenite was under 24 hour surveillance at that time, and the only times Alite showed up on it were on two occasions when he came to bring me money he owed me.

When addressing these discrepancies after Kasparoza called in, however? John Alite said he actually told the FBI he believed he “killed three people on that property.”

And, Alite also stated, regarding how FBI-302 memos are created, “You speak to agents, you speak to prosecutors, whoever’s sitting there. They write what you say. What they write, we’re not in control of.

While there is no reason to believe there was ever a shoot-out like Alite claimed on his property, as he was still under my flag at the time, and I would have heard about it – I would have protected him if Mexican hitmen were sent to kill him. What Alite is correct on is that whatever a government agent writes in a 302-memo, the subject or interviewee is not in control of. Because it’s against policy to make digital recordings of interviews with the subjects of 302 reports, the agent or prosecutor can essentially write whatever they want in them, whether it’s the truth or a manufactured story. They can re-write history.

Fact: In Arizona, Paul K. Charlton, a former U.S. Attorney who tried to institute a policy of recording audio of interviews with the subjects of 302 reports was allegedly fired for doing so. In 2007, the New York Times reported: “Paul K. Charlton, the United States attorney in Arizona, was ousted after spending months protesting a Federal Bureau of Investigation policy that, for practical purposes, forbids the taping of almost all confessions, in stark contrast to the practice of many local law enforcement agencies in Arizona and other locations across the country.”

In the months after Alite started waving around that falsified, illegal 302 document he posted numerous pictures on Facebook with Patsy Andriano and other murderer-cooperators, who he was not supposed to be associating with. Almost with impunity. With no fear of getting violated. Since he got off supervised release, he has also posted pictures with Malone, backing up Jimmy’s claims.

Jimmy laughed when I told him about the stories in his brother’s book. I didn’t read it, but I repeated what I was told: that he was getting into “gladiator fights” in Brazilian prisons and that in the first chapter he’s put in a cell, naked, takes a “blade of five or six inches” out of his rectum and murders an inmate with it. After which he walked back to his cell covered in blood as other inmates cheered him on… while on a one sheet that was sent around in 2015 to promote him, Alite even said when he went “on the run” he was fighting with “Chavez’s” army and boxing with the Castros in Cuba. Not only did Jimmy say none of that happened, but he said he was on the phone with his brother regularly when he was “on the run,” and then in prison in Brazil. That he had an easy time there and it wasn’t the “concentration camp” he made it out to be.

When I told Jimmy about his brother’s Brazil stories, he busted out laughing. He couldn’t contain his laughter. In fact, he asked me to repeat them back to him so he could have a great night, and so his mother, who was in the room, could hear.

At one point, he asked his mother, “How sick is this guy? How sick are these lies?”

While George Anastasia said that he believed Alite’s story because he “read the transcripts” – even because “the government believes it” – he said in two 2015 interviews that he was taking Alite “at his word about what happened in Brazil.” That he “couldn’t go to Brazil, even if I went to Brazil, they would never confirm a lot of the stuff he told me, so, I gotta take him at his word on that.”

Which inspired me, over the phone, to hire a private investigator and attorney in Brazil who for less than $7,000 pulled hundreds of pages of Alite’s Brazilian prison and extradition records that contradicted their entire book. Records which Anastasia could have received for free due to his journalistic and government connections. The investigator interviewed a guard at the prison who refuted Alite’s tales, and, after went live in 2016 John Alite’s former cellmate in Brazil, Marcos Pinto found it and reached out.

He gave Kasparoza hours of interviews laughing hysterically at Alite’s stories of “concentration camps,” which Marcos denounced as “an insult to the Jewish people.” Especially since Alite was not suffering but had a television, video games, sushi and McDonald’s. Marcos said Ary Franco was an easy place to do time while they were there, especially if you had money, and that they had “weekly barbecues.” To compare, Marcos had also done time at several prisons in the United States, like the low security wing of Allenwood, which he described as “a paradise. It’s like you be in heaven, you know?” But, even so, he still said it was much easier to do time in Ary Franco between 2004-2006, where Alite was having regular conjugal visits with his girlfriend and prostitutes.

For years, however, I believed that John Alite was raped in Brazil.

Jimmy Cadicamo, who I did not know but was still indicted with me in 2008 based on Alite’s stories told my attorneys that he visited Alite at Ary Franco and brought him money so he could bribe the guards to make his life easier. He said Alite was constantly complaining about how rough he had it. But, Cadicamo also mentioned that one of the guards said something about Alite being sexually assaulted, which fit the pattern, because Alite almost broke down during his testimony describing the “horrific” conditions there.

But, when asked if Alite was raped? Marcos, who was slandered in Alite’s book and had every reason to say yes, said no. That it was an easy place and while there might have been a fight here or there, nobody was getting raped… but, that inmates there believed Alite was gay, fooling around with men in the prison secretly, and that they nicknamed him “George Mike,” after the gay American singer George Michael… and because Alite was always singing “wild” tales of his time as a criminal in America.

After people began asking Alite online in 2015 if he was raped in Brazil, Alite neither confirmed or denied it.

Marcos said that Alite would frequently brag about having been a big shot Mafioso and would always talk about John Gotti. But, that while some of the younger inmates believed him? The older heads thought Alite was full of it. They even questioned how he could be a big shot with the Italians if he was Albanian?

Marcos Pinto also said that when Jimmy Cadicamo came to visit John Alite in Brazil, and bring him money, Alite asked Marcos, who had been released, to meet Jimmy at his hotel. To lie to Jimmy to make it sound like the prison was much worse than it was to garner sympathy and get more money out of him. Could John Alite have also told the guard to tell Jimmy that he was sexually assaulted to get more money out of him?

After seeing the prison with his own eyes, Cadicamo would later say it was comparable to a low security prison in the United States. That while it was “filthy,” it looked like an easy place to do time. However, we did learn that Alite lost a tooth in Brazil.

In his book and interviews Alite said that he was pistol-whipped and or gun-butted with a rifle, but in a complaint he filed against the guard while in prison in Brazil – a rat move in any prison I’ve ever been to – John Alite only said that he was punched in the eye, by a single guard, resulting in a black eye.

Apparently, this happened after he mouthed off to a guard – who was interviewed – who acknowledged that he punched him in the face.

When John Alite got word that Marcos was coming forward to refute his lies he flipped out. This “motivational speaker” posted on Facebook on June 25, 2016 that he’d even saved Marcos from being raped by a prison gang. Which, is not believable, because in his book he saved Marcos from being raped by “two guards.”

One of the reasons he was so angry at Marcos? He had been looking for him for years, even sued him in Brazil, but couldn’t find him… and, we did.

Why did John Alite sue Marcos? Alite alleged that his family sent him several hundred thousand dollars to buy property and other assets in Brazil to help make him a Brazilian citizen to avoid extradition, and signed a power of attorney to give Marcos access to the funds to help him purchase these assets. But, while Alite gave different dollar amounts between his lawsuit filed in Brazil, his testimony at trial and an interview on YouTube – he also alleged that Marcos robbed him, and disappeared.

Marcos implicitly denied this, stating that he tried to help John Alite. That the money went to bribe guards, get amenities for him in prison, including conjugal visits, and to even put a down payment on an apartment and a car for Alite’s “girlfriend.” Marcos also said that they were looking to buy a gas station, other assets, and that Alite was sometimes running up $4,000 in monthly phone bills from constantly calling overseas. Marcos said that if he really wanted to rob him, he could have done so before spending any of the money on John Alite. For the best breakdown of what went on in Brazil, just read: The Brazil Files.

Enter Jeff Lowman. An Ohio podcaster now going by Jeff Canarsie, he was an ally of Alite’s and in 2016 moved to Jersey to live with him. He did episodes with Alite trashing the Gottis and Kasparoza. After realizing who Alite really was, however, and that he was using and manipulating him? Similar to how Alite had corrupted and manipulated younger people all his life? Lowman had a change of heart. He came clean. He said that it was Alite who directed the podcasts and started writing online about what Alite was really up to. He even described how Alite was scripting his interviews – finalizing the questions he would be asked ahead of time, to control them.

Then: John Alite wrote on Facebook that Lowman’s “mom as a child molested him beat him and tied him in the basement…”

Jeff Lowman sued John Alite for defamation.

Elio Forcina, who earlier sued John Alite on behalf of his brother Jimmy Alite for theft and defamation took Jeff’s case pro-bono, which is ongoing. When asked why he took it, however, Forcina said: “Because as a Marine veteran and patriot it is heartbreaking how John Alite is terrorizing good, decent people.”

To make things right for the stories he told on his podcast Lowman signed an affidavit and provided hours of interviews to Kasparoza about Alite’s activities. He confirmed what Jimmy Alite and other people alleged, that John Alite was abusing illegal steroids and committing other crimes.

I have never met or spoken to Jeff Lowman. But, Alite must have trusted him if he let him live with him in the next room. Especially since he is a felon and having him there was another violation of his supervised release. Jeff also said that Alite made several passes at him, and one night, he came into his room naked and sat on the edge of his bed.

Jeff alleged that he was present when Alite met with numerous cooperators at the New York Film Academy. The director of an upcoming “documentary” about Alite’s life was a teacher there. Lowman alleged that Alite would intimidate this director and boss him around, and was controlling the film from behind the scenes.

He also said that Alite prevented the director from interviewing people for the “documentary” who would challenge Alite’s story. Jimmy Alite and one of their relatives even said that his brother was getting other family members to participate in the film by “buying” them off. Promising them money. All of a sudden acting very nice to people for a few weeks to make them like him before asking them to film.

When Kasparoza asked Jeff Lowman if he wanted to give a quote for this story, looking back on this whole situation, Jeff called Alite “a bottom feeder with an ego designed and perpetuated by grandiosity and delusions.”

According to sources, what Alite did was raise money from Albanians overseas to make a documentary about himself, through his own eyes. Those of a sociopathic, pathological liar, according to his brother Jimmy. Trying to turn himself into a folk hero in Albania.

As I write this, a docu-series is being completed based on my relationship with my father for A&E, titled, Gotti: Godfather and Son. It’s being directed by Richard Stratton who had the opportunity to attend my last trial and said on Kasparoza’s podcast of John Alite: He “left a trail of slime” on the witness stand.

But even though Stratton is my friend, to make the docu-series credible, he didn’t just interview people who liked me. He interviewed former FBI Agents who imprisoned my father and I, as well as numerous government cooperators and Judge Shira A. Scheindlin, who presided over my first three RICO trials. Because: That’s what you do. You tell both sides. You make yourself credible if you want to be taken seriously.


Conclusion Coming Soon.

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